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About Me

Professional Photographer. Professional Traveler. Costumed Philanthropist. Airline Points Connoisseur. Airline, Hotel and Rental Car Status Junkie. Student of Life. Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate. Adventure lover. Laid back and easy going. Southwest Airlines A-List Preferred flyer and Companion Pass holder. Delta... Continue Reading →


Iceland: The Land of Unexplainable Beauty

Iceland. It's a country that is on every nature lovers bucket list. A country full of natural beauty and wonderful people.  A country that's been voted to have the nicest people world wide for the better part of the last decade.... Continue Reading →

Nomatic Travel Bag – The Ultimate Test

Nearly a year and a half ago a friend sent me a link to a Kickstarter campaign for a product called the Nomatic Travel Bag.  A bag that promised to be the ultimate travel bag, with pockets perfectly placed for... Continue Reading →

Singapore Luxury on a Budget

Singapore.  It's one of the most expensive countries I've visited, but I needed a challenge. Going to places like Vietnam and Thailand are easy when it comes to budget travel, everything is so inexpensive in the first place, you can... Continue Reading →

Minimalistic Travel

Your next big vacation is right around the corner...  All of a sudden the bed is covered in clothes for every possible scenario and event.  Three of four pairs of jeans, all of your favorite pairs of shorts, stacks of t-shirts,... Continue Reading →

The Great Thailand Experience

Thailand.  It's a place most people believe they will only be able to experience in photos.  A country that seems out of reach for so many.  A country known for spicy food, Thai Massage, beautiful beaches and incredible rainforests.  A... Continue Reading →


Updated: See bottom for most current information Checking Luggage...  It's something we all hate.  We take our luggage to the airport, drop it off with the Check-In desk and watch the bags disappear on a conveyor belt hoping that it... Continue Reading →

It’s going down… I’m yelling TINDER!!!!

Tinder.  That's all that needs to be said and all of a sudden people have a thousand different things going through their mind. Hook Up App, free dating app, swipe left, swipe right, Hot or Not on steroids, the young... Continue Reading →

Inexpensive International Travel

What if I told you that last week I went to Istanbul, Turkey and the trip cost less than $1,000.  Airfare, accommodations, food, sight seeing, entertainment and drinks all included under that $1k umbrella.  Would you believe me?  You should,... Continue Reading →

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