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Iceland: The Land of Unexplainable Beauty

Iceland. It's a country that is on every nature lovers bucket list. A country full of natural beauty and wonderful people.  A country that's been voted to have the nicest people world wide for the better part of the last decade.... Continue Reading →


Nomatic Travel Bag – The Ultimate Test

Nearly a year and a half ago a friend sent me a link to a Kickstarter campaign for a product called the Nomatic Travel Bag.  A bag that promised to be the ultimate travel bag, with pockets perfectly placed for... Continue Reading →

Singapore Luxury on a Budget

Singapore.  It's one of the most expensive countries I've visited, but I needed a challenge. Going to places like Vietnam and Thailand are easy when it comes to budget travel, everything is so inexpensive in the first place, you can... Continue Reading →

Minimalistic Travel

Your next big vacation is right around the corner...  All of a sudden the bed is covered in clothes for every possible scenario and event.  Three of four pairs of jeans, all of your favorite pairs of shorts, stacks of t-shirts,... Continue Reading →

The Great Thailand Experience

Thailand.  It's a place most people believe they will only be able to experience in photos.  A country that seems out of reach for so many.  A country known for spicy food, Thai Massage, beautiful beaches and incredible rainforests.  A... Continue Reading →


Updated: See bottom for most current information Checking Luggage...  It's something we all hate.  We take our luggage to the airport, drop it off with the Check-In desk and watch the bags disappear on a conveyor belt hoping that it... Continue Reading →

It’s going down… I’m yelling TINDER!!!!

Tinder.  That's all that needs to be said and all of a sudden people have a thousand different things going through their mind. Hook Up App, free dating app, swipe left, swipe right, Hot or Not on steroids, the young... Continue Reading →

Inexpensive International Travel

What if I told you that last week I went to Istanbul, Turkey and the trip cost less than $1,000.  Airfare, accommodations, food, sight seeing, entertainment and drinks all included under that $1k umbrella.  Would you believe me?  You should,... Continue Reading →

Airport Terminal Traffic Flow

It's Monday morning and I'm finally heading back to Omaha for a couple days!  Louisville to Detroit then off to Omaha I go.  On this beautiful Monday morning where everyone except myself is acting like they have 'the case of... Continue Reading →

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